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Learn how to crochet a lap blanket and gain an introduction into mindfulness
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Embark on a Mindful Crochet Journey with the Luxury Beginners Kit - Seedlings

Introducing my Luxury Beginners Mindful Crochet Kit - 'Seedlings'.

This kit will aim to teach you how to crochet a lap blanket mindfully. 

The kit is designed to help you unwind, learn a new skill, connect with your creativity and do it all in a mindful way.


These are some examples of kits that have already been made and sold. As you can see, each kit is totally unique, just like you. I work with you to find the perfect combination of yarn, fabric and even hook colours.

The kit has received 5* reviews on TrustPilot and on my facebook page.
I have also received a Small Business award from a Dragons Den Judge
My Beginners Mindful crochet kits offer a therapeutic and creative outlet, promotes mindfulness, and contributes to overall well-being.

Why have I designed this Beginners Mindful Crochet Kit?

My world/brain often felt chaotic, overwhelming and sometimes sad, following therapy I recognised that having meaningful connections with people is essential for my mental well being, as is regular medication and journaling.
I learned how to crochet when I was younger, and would pick it up and put it down many times over the years. A traumatic incident at home led to my resignation from my career and crocheting once again became my therapy.
I designed this crochet kit to incorporate mindfulness, connection and learning a new hobby with a view of bringing people together who have shared interests with an end goal of improving mental well-being.
The pattern book I have designed will teach the new crocheter everything they need to know as a beginner, from how to read yarn labels to how to read crochet charts. I am always conscious that people have different learning styles, so in order to be as inclusive as I can as a new business I designed the pattern to include the following:
1. Written instructions in non crochet short hand and in shorthand for those who want to retry the pattern again using the standard method
2. Photos next to every set of instruction
3. Charts next to every instruction and in the back of the pattern book for those who solely use charts
4. Access to a private facebook group whereby videos are shared and I am on hand to help you personally via email or messenger if you don't feel comfortable posting your needs in the group.

The pattern will contain the following:

  • Contents
  • About me - I will give a little introduction into who I am and why I have made this kit
  • What is in the Kit
  • Descriptions of what you have received
  •  Introduction to: Yarn labels, materials, shapes Hooks, sizing and conversion
  • Crochet symbols and abbreviations UK and US
  • Winding the yarn and yarn bowl (will not fully apply as you will not receive the yarn bowl)
  • Finger names and holding the hook
  • Holding the yarn and putting the yarn on the hook
  • Learning the stitches - Chains and how to count them, Single crochet Double crochet Slip Stitch
  • How to read a pattern
  • The granny blanket: How to crochet a granny square with charts, photos and written instructions
  • How to finish the blanket, change yarn colours/add yarn
  • How to make the Border
  • How to crochet a granny square, written instructions only
  • How to crochet a granny square, charts only

To view a video of the pattern and journal click here...


What sets the kit apart from other Beginners Kits?

You may be wondering why you should buy this kit when you can buy others and learn from YouTube, that's ok, you are welcome to do this, but I feel that their are a few things that set my kit apart from other kits, such as:
The inclusion of my Journey Journal, support throughout your making and mindfulness journey and access to a community on Facebook which includes videos and general chit chat.
I feel that the "Journey Journal" is what sets my kit apart from other beginners kits. I designed it to use myself when I was in a low place. When I was working on a mental health ward I was discussing journaling with some patients and explained how I felt that it helped me, and so with the permission of the consultants on the ward I introduced the my journal to a group of patients, all patients were experiencing different diagnosis, had different learning styles and unique ways of thinking.
The feedback was incredible, minimal changes where made to the journal, it was re-trialled and had the same results, patients commented that the journal allowed them to put their thoughts down accurately and without judgement and this helped them in their therapy sessions.
In terms of its use in the kit, the journal is designed to capture not just your learning experience but your thoughts, inspirations, emotions and what makes you - you.
The Journal begins with pages dedicated to the crochet journey, if you cannot write about your feelings I have provided dandelions which can be circled closest to how you feel. There is also space for you to write about things you would change in your next session as we are always aiming to improve our experience.
There are then pages dedicated to mindfulness, grounding and you.

Why have I included so much in the kit?

Each component of the kit has been chosen with the utmost care to ensure a mindful experience, the kits are bespoke to the user, from the choice of hooks to the handmade waterproof project bag.

Why have I included a fidget toy?

I have tried to use every aspect of crocheting within the mindful Journey Journal to make the experience as soothing as possible, I ask the learner to recognise the cold hook in their hands, the soft yarn gliding in and out, the way the yarn bowl looks, all of these things engage our mind in noticing what is around us, how it feels, how it looks, this allows us to live in the now, which is the purpose of mindfulness.
Stimming is a word more often associated with Autism and is the act of using repetitive movements to calm us down, crocheting has been recognised as a stim amongst many and there have been reports that crocheting reduces ptsd symptoms.
From my own professional and lived experience I can attest that the patients I taught to crochet actively used this as a "calm down" method and is documented in their care plans as a tool for them to use when they become agitated.
Within the Journal, I also include methods of grounding as some people can become flustered when learning a new skill, this is the reason I have added the fidget toy, give it a twiddle when you get frustrated, see if it helps.

Now for the Science bit

Crochet has recently been studied by the University of Wollongong, the data suggests that crochet offers positive benefits for personal wellbeing with many respondents actively use crochet to manage mental health conditions and life events such as grief, chronic illness and pain.
Houtman (2017) has also studied the effects of crochet and anxiety, she discovered that fine motor skills are honed, hand-eye coordination is enhanced and because we are focussing on reading a pattern and matching this with our hand movements, our brain is focussed on this as opposed to our worries.
The University of Edinburgh studied the effects of dopamine and serotonin. They state that Dopamine and Serotonin are neurotransmitters which have an effect on our wellbeing and can influence our mood and behaviour.
Serotonin relates to mood regulation, it helps promote a sense of calm and well-being. It’s often associated with feelings of contentment and relaxation.
Dopamine also relates to mood, but is involved with pleasure and motivation.
When we learn a new stitch or complete a project we will feel proud which gives us dopamine.
The repetitive motion of crocheting is calming which releases serotonin.
Therefore, combining crochet (dopamine) and mindfulness (serotonin) can lead to a positive mindset, pride and an overall good feeling.
Crochet encourages mindfulness, it helps people to stay present and focus on the activity not their anxiety, crochet can also give a much needed sense of accomplishment to those with low self-esteem, accomplishment contributes to overall well-being. Creating something (crocheting the blanket) promotes a sense of accomplishment.

So, combine them: creating something mindfully encourages an overall sense of positive mental well being.

Your Mindful Crochet Experience includes the following:

Yarn: Enough to make a lap blanket. You may choose 3 separate colours, 2 of the same and 1 different

Hooks: Ergonomic hooks, rainbow or plain

Pattern: The pattern is written in US terms, I have a left and right handed versions available for the same price

Waterproof project bag: I handmake a waterproof project bag for your items, we will discuss this together

Scissors: Essential for crochet 

Darning needles: Within the crochet kit lies a humble yet indispensable tool—the darning needle! Darning needles plays a vital role in finishing your crochet projects, ensuring every stitch is neatly finished and every yarn tail is securely fastened.

Stitch markers and row counters: These unobtrusive little helpers play a vital role for even the most experienced crocheter in ensuring you don’t lose your way as you crochet your blanket. You can attach them to corners or rows.

Tape measure: This allows you to meet your gauge and match the designers crocheting style, although for this particular pattern it is not required it may become an essential piece of kit for your future journey

Yarn bowl: As you work on your crochet project, the yarn bowl serves as a focal point, inviting you to embrace the present moment. The act of gently pulling yarn from the bowl becomes a meditative exercise, fostering mindfulness and a sense of calmness. The yarn bowl is a 3d printed cat.

Posture cushion: I provide you with a posture support cushion to rest your arms on whilst crocheting, its supportive design aids in maintaining a comfortable seated posture, allowing you to focus on crocheting mindfully. 

The posture cushion has two uses, the first is that it allows the crocheter to find a comfortable position, the second reason is that it feels like a cuddle. For those who struggle with physical contact or who crave it, this pillow is perfect, it provides a weighted comfort and can be moulded to most body shapes.

Fidget toys: Fidget toys are an unconventional addition to crochet kits but I am nothing if not unconventional! You may find that when learning this new skill you become frustrated, that’s OK, their inclusion in my kits allows you to stop and take a moment, squeeze your frustration into them and then go back to what you were doing, enriching the crafting experience by promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

Journey Journal: The crochet journal is designed to capture not just your learning experience but your thoughts, inspirations, emotions and what makes you - you. The Journey Journal will become a testament to your personal growth, your mindfulness, and your new skill

As described earlier the first part of the journal allows you to document your crochet journey, the next part of the journal will contain very gentle activities aimed at finding out a little bit more about you.

When you have purchased the kit I will contact you and depending on your preference we can chat via email or facebook to find your perfect fabric and yarn colours.

My kit is more than just a product; it is my way of building a community and taking care of our minds.
Left and right handed available.
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